100 Reasons It’s Important to Speak Up

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Today I celebrate my 100th post on I Have Something to Say. I started this blog only six months ago as a way to reclaim my own voice, and to sort out my thoughts as I heal from the long term effects of childhood trauma. Like many others, I was coerced into silence by my abusers. The terror that raised me remained more present in my life than my parents ever were. I started this project because, for me, it was the best way to face my fear. In order to break old ties, I needed to make a public declaration. I was abused.

Today I celebrate not only my own journey, but all of those who have read my posts and resonated with them. Abuse thrives in silence. It loses its power the more people call it out.

100 Reasons it’s Important to Speak Up:

  1. You will reclaim your voice.
  2. You will reclaim your power.
  3. You will reclaim your indentity.
  4. You will feel better.
  5. You will face your fears.
  6. You will inspire others.
  7. You will inspire yourself.
  8. You will make it easier to speak up next time.
  9. You will make it easier for others to speak up.
  10. You will be more fully you.
  11. You will heal.
  12. You will feel all your feelings.
  13. You will better connect to those who love you.
  14. You will better connect to the source of love.
  15. You will know yourself.
  16. You will love yourself.
  17. You will forgive yourself.
  18. You will relax.
  19. You will sleep better.
  20. You will breathe easier.
  21. You will reclaim your dignity.
  22. You will meet supporters.
  23. You will let go of non-supporters.
  24. You will gain perspective.
  25. You will gain resolve.
  26. You will make discoveries.
  27. You will make connections.
  28. You will re-wire brain pathways.
  29. You will change your mind.
  30. You will see possibilities.
  31. You will grieve.
  32. You will honor your grief.
  33. You will break the cycle.
  34. You will protect others.
  35. You will defend the weak.
  36. You will embody truth.
  37. You will embody light.
  38. You will have better boundaries.
  39. You will have better friends.
  40. You will have better relationships.
  41. You will honor your voice.
  42. You will honor your ideas.
  43. You will honor your opinions.
  44. You will honor your past.
  45. You will honor your future.
  46. You will remain present.
  47. You will survive.
  48. You will overcome.
  49. You will fully live.
  50. You will thrive.
  51. Others will reclaim their voice.
  52. Others will reclaim their power.
  53. Others will reclaim their identity.
  54. Others will feel better.
  55. Others will face their fears.
  56. Others will inspire others.
  57. Others will inspire themselves.
  58. Others will make it easier to speak up next time.
  59. Others will make it easier for others to speak up.
  60. Others will be more fully them.
  61. Others will heal.
  62. Others will feel all their feelings.
  63. Others will better connect to those who love them.
  64. Others will better connect to the source of love.
  65. Others will know themselves.
  66. Others will love themselves.
  67. Others will forgive themselves.
  68. Others will relax.
  69. Others will sleep better.
  70. Others will breathe easier.
  71. Others will reclaim their dignity.
  72. Others will meet supporters.
  73. Others will let go of non-supporters.
  74. Others will gain perspective.
  75. Others will gain resolve.
  76. Others will make discoveries.
  77. Others will make connections.
  78. Others will re-wire brain pathways.
  79. Others will change their mind.
  80. Others will see possibilities.
  81. Others will grieve.
  82. Others will honor their grief.
  83. Others will break the cycle.
  84. Others will protect others.
  85. Others will defend the weak.
  86. Others will embody truth.
  87. Others will embody light.
  88. Others will have better boundaries.
  89. Others will have better friends.
  90. Others will have better relationships.
  91. Others will honor their voice.
  92. Others will honor their ideas.
  93. Others will honor their opinions.
  94. Others will honor their past.
  95. Others will honor their future.
  96. Others will remain present.
  97. Others will survive.
  98. Others will overcome.
  99. Others will fully live.
  100. Others will thrive.


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