Scapegoat and Golden Child: A Melodrama

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Act I
One could do no right; One could do no wrong.
Mom assigned the roles; Dad agreed on parts.
They both knew their lines; Angel and Demon.
Triangled siblings; equidistant truth.

Act II
Angel goes on stage; plays to the rapt house.
Flowers, cheers, and praise; ‘Bravo! Well done, child.’
Demon goes on next; but forgets her wail.
Never gets it right; always doomed to fail.

‘Try harder,’ Mom says; ‘You make me look bad’.
Demon asks to switch; shocked Mom spits, enraged.
Angel points and sneers; you will never be me.
Forever entwined; the foil for the spoiled.

Act IV
At last, Demon flees; unmasked, she feels strange.
What is this feeling? Is this self-esteem?
Angel’s thoughts disturb him; Don’t they all love me?
Where’s my attention? Must be Demon’s fault.

Act V
Mom dies, Angel there; Demon breathes relief.
Dad dies, Angel there; Demon breathes relief.
Angel cries, ‘Where were you?’ Demon stands straight.
I was always here; you never knew me.

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